Hydration is Key: Tips and Tricks


Vivianna DeNittis, Journalist

Hydration is incredibly important and is a simple way to improve one’s health, but it is not always the easiest to remember to take an occasional sip of water throughout the day. Using some quick tips and tricks, staying hydrated can be easier, and maybe more enjoyable for some people.


  • Keep water within reach. When water is visible and readily accessible, it is super simple to take a sip, rather than going to a water fountain.
  • Carry a water bottle around. Having a water bottle is a super easy way to keep water around, and they can be cute and functional. People like to put stickers on their bottles or pick a water bottle that they like drinking out of.
  • Flavored water. Make the water taste good by putting a tea bag into the bottle, or infusing fruit and veggies into the water.
  • Track water intake. There is different ways to track water intake, and they can help remind people to stay hydrated throughout the day. People sometimes draw little boxes in their planners that they fill in as they drink certain increments, or some prefer to download apps like Plant Nanny.
  • Drink things other than water. It is a common misconception that water is the only way to stay hydrated. Other drinks like sodas or juice have water content in them and can contribute to you daily water intake.