NFL: Biggest Offseason Moves

Nathan Holmes, Author

This NFL off season has transformed a lot of teams, but were the pickups good? Here are the biggest moves from each team and whether it was good or not:

Dallas Cowboys: Not getting rid of Tony Romo is definitely the biggest mistake so far. He is taking up cap space and neither the Texans or Broncos want to trade for him. They need to release him and use the money to sign a new lineman, after losing Ronald Leary to the Broncos.

New York Giants: Signing Brandon Marshall was a great idea, creating one of the best WR trios in a long time.

Philadelphia Eagles: Acquiring Torrey Smith really helps their hurting WR core. He should be a great fit there.

Chicago Bears: Releasing Jay Cutler was a brilliant move, not only freeing up cap space, but allowing for a new QB to step up. However, Cutler did ask to be released, just like he did in Denver. Poor “Cry Baby Cutler”.

Detroit Lions: Adding T.J. Lang to the offensive line. Matthew Stafford needs good protection if he wants to make a playoff run, and Lang is very good at his job.

Green Bay Packers: Martellus Bennett fills a hole at the TE position, and he was quite successful at New England, so lets see if he can continue that success onto Green Bay.

Minnesota Vikings: Releasing Adrian Peterson was probably a questionable move, but he was getting injured a lot. He was being paid too much to get hurt.

Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons have not been big contenders this year, but signing Matt Schaub is a good move at the backup QB position.

Los Angeles Rams: Signing Wade Phillips as the defensive coordinator really helps the hurting defense, and he won a Super Bowl in Denver.

San Francisco 49’ers: Signing new head coach Kyle Shanahan was a bold and easily argued move. He has no experience as a head coach and just blew a 28-3 lead in the super bowl as an offensive coordinator. However, he was leading the #1 offense into it, and scored well.

Seattle Seahawks: Signing Eddie Lacy (3/14) was a brilliant move filling the hole at the RB position. He was recently injured, but he is more healthy than Jamaal Charles or Adrian Peterson.

Carolina Panthers: The Panthers have made minimal signings, but the loss of WR Ted Ginn Jr. really hurts them. Ginn played quite well at WR2, behind Kelvin Benjamin.

New Orleans Saints: The Saints made a big move in trading Brandon Cooks. Cooks was a decent receiver, and they received the Patriots 1st round and 3rd round picks for him. The Saints also traded their 4th round pick. It looks like a good trade for both teams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs had done almost nothing when it comes to big names, but dropping QB Mike Glennon wasn’t a bad move. He is pretty bad, and the fact that the Bears want him as a starter is kind of depressing.

Buffalo Bills: The Bills signed Stephen Hauschka (K), a very talented kicker. He fills the issue at kicker.

Miami Dolphins: Kenny Stills was a good addition to the WR core. Overall talented receiver.

New England Patriots: Trading for Brandon Cooks was a great move. See New Orleans Saints.

New York Jets: Losing both Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall was a terrible mistake. They were two of the Jets best players.

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have been practically dormant so far. Don’t expect a big move anytime soon.

Cincinnati Bengals: Like the Ravens, the Bengals have not done much.

Cleveland Browns: Trading for Brock Osweiler was a bold move. He was unsuccessful in Houston and very expensive. They might trade him but testing him for a year isn’t a bad idea.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Resigning both Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown gives the Steelers another advantage to make the playoffs again.

Tennessee Titans: The Titans have not done much this off season.

Indianapolis Colts: Like the Titans, the Colts have not done much this year.

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars mostly re-signed people. Not much action.

Houston Texans: The Texans made a big trade when they got rid of Brock Osweiler. See Cleveland Browns.

Denver BroncosThe Broncos signed two linemen, Menelik Watson and Ronald Leary, helping fill the gaps in the offensive line.

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs signed C.J. Spiller, filling the hole at RB.

Los Angeles Chargers: The name says it. The Chargers biggest move was moving to LA.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders plan on moving to Las Vegas, which would be their biggest move. Otherwise fairly dormant.