Need a Job?

Anna McCollister, Journalist

It is undeniable that high school students have a lot to worry about, getting good grades, looking at and getting into colleges, performing well in the field of sports or drama or both, helping drive younger siblings places, fitting in and so much more. Throw in getting a job and life can start to seem a little overwhelming. The chart below is meant as a starting place for those who are looking for jobs and don’t know where they should apply. There is no guarantee that the places will have job openings at the optimal location for you, but it’s worth a shot.

It depends on the franchise you apply to but these are generally the ages you need to be to apply to each job.

Age 12+ 14+ 15+ 16+ 17+ 18+
Places that will hire Soccer referee McDonald’s (certain jobs)

Chick-Fil-a (certain places)

Basketball referee




Quincy Place retirement home



McDonald’s cashier

Burger King

Hallmark (Although they prefer 18 year olds)

Dunkin Donuts


Jimmy Johns



Ben and Jerry’s

Work at a summer camp

Baker at Panera

Steps to applying: (my version)

  1.     Go to the website of the franchise
  2.     Find the location you might want to work
  3.     See if they have any job openings
  4.     If none are listed, call the store and see if they are hiring
  5.     If they are, fill out the application
  6.     It is also a good idea to visit the store and introduce yourself as an interested applicant

There are obviously pros and cons to getting a job of any type, and you may want to consider both the pros and cons as well as whether getting a job is realistic with your schedule.


      Money (for college and fun)

      Experience in the workforce

      Keeps you off the streets

      More money means you are able to go more places

      Meet new people


      Time away from school

      Time away from friends


      Not always fun

Getting a job of any sort can be an exciting ordeal and I wish you the best of luck with your search!