Start And End Time Change Survey Results


Murielle Hecomovich, Reporter

As most of you know, the school board is thinking about changing the start and end times of the school year 17-18. We wanted to see what the student body wants,  we sent out a survey and here what they said.

Stay the same 48.2%

30 min 27.2%

1 hour 24.6%


Freshman Athletics Stay the same

“It would interrupt hockey and time with my family”

Tyler Tritz


Sophomore Athletics Start 1 hour later

“I would be alright with doing Softball later in the day. We can still practice pretty well until 6 which would work fine with an hour late start. I naturally do my homework later at night, so it would help having the extra hour of sleep.”

Mikaila Kuhl


Junior Clubs Start 30 minutes later

“I would get more sleep and still get out of my extracurricular activities at a reasonable time.”

Caroline Riley


Senior Athletics, Drama Start 30 minutes later

“As I participate in an early morning bible study (LDS Seminary) that starts at six now, a later start would mean a world of difference in terms of sleep quantity. That being said, as a spring sport athlete we still need to be outside practicing for a good amount of time.”

Michael Gibbs