Fraternity Over Competition


Xavier Maier, Editor

Arapahoe High School is widely known for its quality athletics programs. Every sports team performs well, and most individuals bring their all to their team. Considering the large number of teams between school sponsored sports and clubs, it’s truly amazing how frequently Arapahoe impresses in the arena of athletics. A large part of this high performance attitude stems from competition. There is a sense of pride for the school and a desire to win that boosts the performance of AHS athletes, almost to the point of being intimidating. Competition drives sports, and Arapahoe athletes rarely lack a sense of competition.

However, competition is not the most fulfilling part of sports at this school. It may be prevalent, but there is a larger value at play that makes team sports worthwhile: camaraderie. The competition and sense of victory that comes with athletic competition is a significant part of what makes a sport enjoyable, but the sense of brotherhood or sisterhood that the individuals on a team experience is probably the most alluring aspect. Even if someone isn’t good at a sport or doesn’t like competing, they can have fun socializing and growing closer to his or her team members by struggling, winning and losing together as a team.

The bond that teamwork brings can rarely be achieved, and a sports team is the best path towards that sort of bond in high school. Even if you do not become close friends with anyone on your team, you will still have an unbreakable bond through that team. Participating in a high school sport places you in a community that you can enjoy throughout the entirety of high school, and the memories you make with the people will last your entire life. The benefits of competing in high school are strong, but do not take the fraternity that comes with being an athlete for granted. Every sport provides it to some extent, and to miss out on such a fleeting, four-year opportunity is foolish. Sports may not be for you, but you do not have to be athletic to enjoy a sport considering the experience you will have being part of a team. The bond of the team is what compels athletes to continue the grind towards success, despite any failures they may encounter along the way. Do not fool yourself into believing that the competitive drive for success is the only benefit to a high school sport; you will miss out on one of the greatest experiences you can have in your life in high school and beyond.