How to dye your hair for under $3


First thing’s first everyone knows that to dye your hair a different color it cost $60 dollars and it damages your hair so much and you constantly have to get it dyed, this


First step: Go to your local grocery store and get kool aid ( yes the drink kool aid ) Buy a color you like


Second step: Pour 2 ½ cups of the kool aid of your chose pour into a pan and then add 2 cups of water


Third step: Then you want to wait until the kool aid boils


Fourth step: Then you want to pour your kool aid into a mug or if you are

doing more of your hair it is easier to have someone help you and get a bigger bowl


Fifth step: Then leave your hair in the cup or bowl for 15-20 minutes


Sixth step: Get a paper towel wrap it around where you died your hair and then rinse it in cold water


Seventh step: Then blow dry your hair and go show off your new colors!

Things to Think about…

If you have darker hair the dye will come out easier but if you have much lighter hair the long it will stay in for but their are ways to get kool-aid out.