Traveler (Seeker Series Book 2) Review

Traveler (Seeker Series Book 2) Review

Taylor Jaeger, Spear Reporter

Traveler (Book 2) by Arwen Elys Dayton

Page count 416

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Quin Kincaid is a seeker. She thought her legacy was an honor, but what she learned on her oath night changed her world forever.”- Author Summary

Quin pledged her life to the world she thought she knew, a world that was noble. But instead, she got a savage world of deception. The boy she loved is out for vengeance with her family at the front of the list. The only person she can trust, is her oldest companion, Shinobu. The only other person who wants answers as much as she does.

First of all, this is my second review of this series, to see the first, click here.

On to the second book. After reading the first book of the series Seeker, I had little expectations for this book. I thought that it was going to be just as hard to get into as the first one. But I am happy to say that I was wrong. This book, in my opinion, is much better than Seeker, it has more emphasis on the problems at hand and it doesn’t have to set up that much to continue the story.


The plot of this book was much better. I think that the plot and setting of this story was written and portrayed so much better in this story. I love that it shows Shinobu and Quin trying to figure out where everything went wrong with the seekers. I also enjoyed seeing John train with Maud to figure out more with his mother. I liked seeing things from Catherine’s point of view because it clears up so many things from the first book.


Now, the characters. Sadly I still stand by what I said in the first book. I love Quin, John is alright, and I still hate Shinobu, even more towards the end of the book. It disappoints me that I dislike his character so much because he is a main character and I want to like him, but it is just so hard for me. By the end of this book, I do really hate him more than I did in the other story. He makes stupid choices that he, for some reason, thinks are smart and okay when they are the exact opposite. The end of this book really frustrated me for that reason. But I like the other characters like Maud, Quin’s mom, John, etc. I also really like Catherine, John’s mom, I thought it was cool to see her side of the chaotic story.
I don’t really have much more to say about this story. I think that if you had trouble with the first story, this book will definitely bring you back into it.