Spring into Starbucks: Ordering Ideas


Olivia Janicek and Sarah Lorenzen

For so many high schoolers, Starbucks is an irresistible treat, an addiction even. There’s the soft ambience of the coffee shop and hum of espresso machines. The rise of your anxious lips as you recite your order. The rush of elation as the barista slides the drink across the counter into your eager fingertips. It’s all magical, though one’s budget may disagree. Eventually, however, the favorite drink and flavor begins to fade. It tastes the same. It feels the same. You’re looking for something different. A kiss of a new concoction made by the magicians in green aprons. I’ve compiled plenty of Starbucks secrets, tips, and opinions to help you reach a new realm of taste and Starbucks savoring.


If you like a drink and aren’t quite ready to trade in the taste all together, try substitutions. In lattes, a new milk can completely shake up a drink entirely. For example, I love iced green tea lattes. I used to get soy milk, and the drink was undeniably sweet, so one day, out of experimentation purposes, I ordered the drink with almond milk. It was barely sweet and had a light trace of sugar it seemed. In total, the order tasted completely different. Another option, is ordering a hot drink… but iced. Perfect for the sunny days when a hot mocha just doesn’t fit the weather or mood.

Budget Friendly?

The largest complaint about Starbucks is that it breaks the bank. A drink can cost far more than a sandwich or lunch. In fact, for my usual grande iced green tea latte with almond milk (a mouthful to say, I know), it’s cheaper to buy Shwarma next door. If you are looking for further bang for your buck, you do have options. Light ice is always a good way to go and provides you with more drink. Teas/Lemonades are generally cheaper as well, with a Raspberry Passion Tea Lemonade (tall) coming in around $3.


Starbucks, is not in the least bit, a healthy choice. With frappuccinos and lattes, it’s easy to stack up calories in the coffee shop. But, if you’re desperate for the Starbucks kick and something that’s mildly healthy, shoot for the iced teas and ‘skinny’ lattes. The Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea (sweetened) is incredibly good, and is practically summer summed into a cup. Starbucks gets it, so check out their “Under 200 Calories” Menu.

Coffee Kick?

For coffee, I’m addicted to the iced skinny vanilla latte with soy milk. The soy milk might make some people cautious, but it only makes the treat sweeter. It is pretty sugary, yet provides an epic kick for morning classes.


Frappuccino is a fancy word for milkshake, I admit, but frappuccinos are too delectable to deny. When I’m craving one, I order the mocha frappuccino. If coffee and chocolate ice cream had a child, it would be the mocha frappuccino. It’s very rich, so beware, but it’s also toothsome and memorable. For something lighter, I shoot for a green tea frappuccino, because I’m simply addicted to green tea.

Favorite Seasonal Drink?

Call me generic, but I’m a doting fan of the Pumpkin Spice Latte… Frappucino. It’s basically fall whirled up into one coffee-y and pumpkin-ey milkshake. What’s not to love? I’ve also heard that the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino is pure perfection, so that’ll be fun to try.

Favorite Food?

For savory, try the Bacon Gouda Sandwich. My friend gets it almost everyday, and can’t stop rambling about it’s delicious. Sarah, another Spear reporter, talks about the donuts. She says they’re even tastier than the drinks and moist. For cheap, go for the cake pops, she adds. Though they are pretty rich, they’re moist and doughy, and just… heavenly.

Favorite Drink… Overall?

Iced Green Tea Latte. The matcha. The coldness. The beautiful green color. It’s perfect. In every which way.