Coda Coffee

Coda Coffee

Walter Wacaser, Reporter

If you had not noticed, the school cafeteria now has Coda Coffee for sale. This actually happened a couple weeks ago, but no one has commented on it so I thought i would give my thoughts and opinions on what the coffee tastes like and whether it is worth it.


Before I give my opinion, I want everyone to know that I am a semi-experienced coffee drinker. I do not get giant sugary drinks with seven pumps of vanilla, I usually get a medium roast coffee with a shot of espresso if i’m feeling saucy. I know what coffee tastes like, and I know what good coffee tastes like. So when you hear my thoughts, keep this in mind.


The cafeteria has two flavors of coffee- toasted coconut and vanilla.You can smooth out your drink with either 1% milk, chocolate milk, or sugar. It costs 1.25 for a cup that is about the size of a Starbucks tall drink, maybe a bit bigger. I couldn’t find any information at the cafeteria or on the Coda Website about how much caffeine value the coffee has, but I would assume around 70-100 milligrams of caffeine per cup.


I first tried the vanilla flavor. The coffee is surprisingly not awful. I assumed that for cafeteria coffee it would be pretty nasty, but the coffee was somewhat pleasant. It is a nice and smooth taste, with no awful undertones or aftertastes. I kept tasting it trying to find something bad I could say about the coffee, but I honestly can’t say much bad about it. Ive certainly had better coffee, but I enjoyed my cup. I didn’t like the toasted coconut flavor as much. It tasted a little like burnt wood rather than toasted coconut. If you want a comparison, Starbuck’s roasts taste like chalk and ashes. I might be over exaggerating  a little bit, but I would definitely put Coda over Starbucks.


I would definitely give Coda a try if you are a coffee lover, or if you want something to perk you up in the morning, but you don’t want to walk to Starbucks. Of course, if you want like a latte or a Frappuccino or something, you can’t get that at the Cafe, but if you want a nice, even, warming roast, try Coda. With finals week coming up, you’ll need to stay perked up during your tests, and Coda is a quick easy way to stay frosty.