Beauty School


Kendra Sullivan, Herald Repoter

Mitchell Ritema, a senior at Arapahoe, is balancing both cosmetology school and high school. He goes to Colorado’s Finest Cosmetology Academy while he is still working to earn his high school diploma. Ritema first learned that he wanted to go to cosmetology school at the end of first semester his junior year.

“My motivation for doing cosmetology was it ran in my family and I think I would really enjoy [being a barber] because I love working with people,” Ritema said. His favorite thing that he’s learned so far in cosmetology school is cutting hair, and his favorite subject in high school is American Literature.

Ritema’s uncle is a barber and Ritema plans to work under him after getting his barber license. Lots of his family is in the hair business, including a couple aunts and uncles and even his mom. After Ritema graduates high school, he will have one more year of cosmetology school and then he can go on to a barber program. His goal is to open his own shop at some point in the future. Ritema plans to stay in Colorado whenever he opens his own shop.

Since he is already on the path he wants to take, he finds it is a lot easier than if he had no idea what he wanted to do.

When asked why he decided to start the program while still in school, Ritema said, “…the program is offered by the district and it is substantially cheaper than going somewhere like Paul Mitchell or other hair schools.” Ritema has high hopes for his future and he already knows what he wants to do. He’s shear to make an impression.