Volleyball vs. Cherry Creek, in Review


The Varsity Team rallies after taking a time out

Rees LaBree and Jake Reed

Last night, the Warriors Volleyball team faced off against Cherry Creek at Sitting Eagle Gymnasium. Cherry Creek won with a score of 3 sets to 1, but it was still a hard fought match between the two rivals, Cherry Creek winning the first, third and fourth sets.

On the Arapahoe side of the net, outstanding players of the night include Haskins with the majority of the kills for Arapahoe, especially in the later sets. Libero Alicia Nguyen also did excellent work as the defensive specialist. Finally Jessie Dolan did excellent work serving, putting up numerous points against Cherry Creek on serves alone.

For Cherry Creek, Markham went on multiple serving streaks and was the main opponent of Arapahoe last night. Honorable mentions to Monroe and Borenstein with the most kills for Cherry Creek.

For the night, the Warriors needed to significantly improve on their blocking. Cherry Creek was able to get most of their points on bad blocks that couldn’t be returned. Arapahoe also showed significant blunder in communication, leaving many points up to Cherry Creek on grounds as simple as confusion.

The Warrior volleyball team plays again next Tuesday, September 19th at Smoky Hill. Follow the ArapahoeXtra on Twitter (@arapahoextra) and Instagram (@arapahoe.xtra) for updates on games and events.