Sources of Strength is Working Hard

Tony Mai, Reporter

Since Sources of Strength has been enacted throughout the school, there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes. In the past few months, it has made a lot progress.

This process, on the student level, started with Sources of Strength training day on October 19. This day had a large turnout, with approximately 200 students and 80 staff members attending the peer training. It was a large commitment for all of these students, dedicating 6 hours of their long weekend to ensure they were able to help others in the future.

There was a ton of fun activities but, this was truly the beginning of the program. Near the end of the training session, groups split up into different areas of interest and developed ideas of how to implement Sources of Strength into the community.

On Nov. 8, Sources of Strength made their first debut during tribe. Sources of Strength showed two videos with the goal spreading awareness. Later in the day during both lunches they came out with a large banner encouraging others to identify their sources of strength.

On November 8, each student in tribes filled out a card with their mentor. As of November 15, the mentor wall is on display with all of those cards filled out. This is a great  reminder for people that they can pull from mentors as one of their strengths.

If you never were able to fill out a mentor card, or would like to fill out another, you still can by stopping by counseling.

Most recently, as of Decemeber 1, a few peer leaders have created a “take what you need” wall. Similar to the “take what you need” flyers that were posted throughout the school last year, the wall of sticky notes is supposed to encourage others to take something with them that they may be able to draw support from.

“Take What You Need” Wall time-lapse video.

These are just a few of the things Sources of Strength have been up to for this semester. Peer leaders have been working hard in the background to spread awareness and to support others. You can still expect events this month and even more to come the next semester.