Fall Fashion: A Continuation

Collette LeManske and Kayla Smith

In the latest Herald Issue, we showed the various styles people have and now we have even more styles to show off!

Kyley Rutherford 12

Style: Cute comfort

Essentials : “Leggings, sweaters and boots”

Statement Piece: “These really tall black boots, my grandma calls them my hooker boots”

Favorite Thing: “I love the comfort of it, you can be cute and super comfy”


Rachel Owen 12

Style: Emo goth girl

Essentials: “The big fluffy earmuffs from target and really fuzzy printed socks”

Statement Piece: “A really pretty fall dress”

Favorite Thing: “Fall colors are so great on outfits”


Samuel Mackendrick  9

Style: Mainstream

Essentials: “Jeans and a sweatshirt”

Statement: “I have some cool shoes and sweatshirts”

Favorite Thing: “You can dress warm. I don’t like shorts and stuff because I’m skinny”