Hallway Havoc


Constance Rathsack

The crowded halls of Arapahoe.

Constance Rathsack, Herald Reporter

The ominous hallways of Arapahoe strike fear in all that navigate them. Rushing to classes while still trying to talk with friends, opening a finicky locker, or staying a few minutes to conference with a teach add to the ever-growing stress of life in high school. There is an unspoken system of walking in the hallways: the two streams of students usually tend to stay on their respective sides, but there are always those little hazards and obstacles that need to be passed such as groups of people blocking the hallway.

One of the hardest parts of traveling in the halls is trying to turn into one of the hallways branching off from either the north or south hallways. The endless flow of students prevent a sudden turn. Disrupting the flow of the hallways is met with scowls and shoving of shoulders. Struggling to meander in the middle of the two streams just causes more problems.

The hallways are busiest when students are going to lunch. Going to fifth hour after eating is a challenge. Attempts to get to the science wing from the cafeteria are futile. Some of the biggest roadblocks in the hallways are tall football players or basketball players. Trying to see over or around these people can be a challenge.

Amir Stephen the Campus Supervisor said, “Backpacks take a lot of space, because people don’t use their lockers…Using lockers can help a ton.”

Hallway Survival Guide

  1. Move as quickly as possible.
  2. Put all unneeded stuff in your locker.
  3. Don’t block the middle of the halls.
  4. Try not to shove people.
  5. Stay on your side of the hall.
  6. Stay off your phone.
  7. Don’t trip or fall.
  8. Don’t stop for your friends, they will understand.
  9. Know your way around.
  10. Try not to drop your things.