Who is Adam Schneiderman?


Sean Cosslett, Reporter

The young boy who thrived to pursue his goal became a chemist. Years later, he decided to become a chemistry teacher and now is the famous Adam Schneiderman.

When Schneiderman was younger, he discovered his passion for science which led him to his future job.

“I was kind of a shy kid in my school but when I hang out with my good friends, I could embrace my true identity and I would clown around and goof off with them. In school, I was alright student. I don’t like English or History classes very much but I loved math and science. I was captivated by science,” he said.

After Schneiderman graduated college, he maintained his passion. He got a job at the lab where he would conduct experiments every single day.

“Before I teach in AHS, I was a teacher in other private high school named Denver Academy of Torah, it is small Jewish private school. I was also Jewish. In the past, I was a chemist. I would have to work in a lab and doing the boring experiments every day. I thought that I could try a different taste of job like teaching, I decided to send an appliance to Denver Academy of Torah because I thought it would be fun to teach young students,” he said.

Mr. Schneiderman was committed to his teaching job for five-years in the Denver Academy of Torah and three-years at Arapahoe High School. He is determined to teach and inspire students every day.

“I want to connect with student’s life, I would love to give advice to him/her with their life because I want them to feel safe and successful,” he said.

As exciting as it is, it can also be overwhelming.

“I want to improve myself and my teaching and to understand students’ life. There is also a lot of growth in me lately.  I value my relationships with my students.  After High School is over I still care about the students. I will always improve myself,” he said.

Despite the fact that he taught chemistry, he decided to become an assistant coach for Cross Country.“The funny thing is that I never run, Coach Krause called me for Cross Country assistant coach. My first year as a coach I struggled. I want to be a great runner myself. I was able to relate and coach the runners that weren’t very good. With more years experiences, I became a better runner and coach,” he said, “I was an assistant coach for girl’s team in 4 years and I was also Junior Varsity head coach for lacrosse for five years. I also sponsor for Ultimate Frisbee and I also once sponsored for table tennis but it went out of business because we didn’t get enough members for table tennis.”

Mr. Schneiderman is full of surprises.

“I was 5’3” feet when I graduated in high school, I know, you might say, ‘Wow Spider-Man was shorter’,” he said.

Schneiderman also put his dedication to learn American Sign Language for me, currently junior at Arapahoe High School.

“When Sean Cosslett signed up my class for Chemistry, I decided to learn American Sign Language so I could create a relationship with Sean Cosslett without using interpreters. Allie Highsmith, a senior, sent me to the website for learning American Sign Language during summer time,” he said.