So Close to Freedom


Hannah Larsen, Reporter

Although my fluttered brain is filled to the brim with papers and note cards, tests and exams, broken pencils and late nights of studying. It will soon vanish and be replaced with relaxation, quality time with family, hanging with friends, and the desperate need for sleep . Before these 2, and utterly most needed, weeks of break, a dark wind crawls towards us. As if an evil spirit has risen itself, but as in the form of a paper that is as thick as War and Peace, finals week has come at last. Many stress for the number 2 pencils and Scantrons coming our way. Word of advise get sleep, study on breaks, and try to not overthink.

With break coming right around the corner it can be easy to loose sight of the goal. Whatever your goal may be, either getting around a 90% on your math test, or just finishing up this 4 day week, don’t procrastinate. With years of experience to back me up, and years to come, don’t procrastinate. You may set timers, or say just until I finish this episode, but 5 episodes and 12 snoozes later, a blank packet  stares you in the face. Ways to avoid this:

    1. Set mini goals. Tell yourself to finish 10 sentences and than take a short break.
    2. Put your phone and all distractions far away from you
    3. Set a time for when you should start your work, and try to stick with it
    4. Don’t start a new Netflix series
    5. Don’t make the workload seem bigger than it already is

After non-procrastinating work days and 20% of our grade test, there is wonderfully needed break for both students and staff. The smell of happiness approaches each individual, with remembrance of past breaks and good times. No matter what you do on break, if it is a trip to Vegas or a stay-cation, no one is sadden with the fact there is no school. With the upcoming 18 days of school off, make sure to enjoy every little bit of it because sooner than you know it, we will be right back at school. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, time to take one step at a time.