Restaurant Reviews: Smash Burger

Restaurant Reviews: Smash Burger

Looking for places to eat? Well you have come to the right place as our new series is restaurant reviews!


Our first restaurant is Smashburger in Southglenn.


Service: The service at Smashburger is very below average. They took 40 minutes to get us our food. For a place labeled “fast food” this is alarmingly slow. Food comes out at sit down restaurant even quicker than that! If they are trying to compete with Qdoba, Chick Fil A, and Noodles for Arapahoe students at lunch then they must sped up this service. No student has enough time to sit around for 40 minutes. That is the entire lunch period. Not only did they take a long time but they forgot a lot of things about the order. They did not bring out any ranch dressing even after it was ordered. They also slacked on the amount of fries given out with the meal.


Long time burger fanatic John T Banks said “I love the food at Smashburger it’s always great. However, the service could use some help.”


Final Grades:


Service Grade: D


Food Quality Grade : B


Friendliness Grade: A-