Sources of Strength Polaroid Booth


by Tony Mai

Thank you

Tony Mai, Reporter

During February 1st and 2nd, Sources of Strength hosted a “Positive Friends Polaroid Photo Booth” to engage this month’s theme of strength, positive friends.


Linnea plumb, a peer leader of Sources of Strength that lead help lead the project said, “the idea was originally Mrs. Kuhlman’s, but it wasn’t concrete. It was incorporated into positive friends month because we thought a cool way to display people’s positive friends was to take pictures! Polaroids are also coming back, so why not use that?”


“We didn’t expect a lot of people at first,” said Plumb. “I think we got about as many people as we first suspected, but we wanted a bigger turnout. We are thinking about doing it again, because we still have a lot of film left.” According to Ms. Kuhlmann, this can be expected to be sometime before the end of February.


You might be wondering what Sources of Strength plans to do with these photos. According to Plumb, they hope to display the pictures on a wall somewhere within the school. They intended for this event to be something that helps realize there are many people out there who are great, positive friends they can rely on.