Restaurant Review: Noodles & Company

Restaurant Review: Noodles & Company

Looking for places to eat? Well you have come to the right place as this series reviews restaurants!

Up to the plate in this article is Noodles & Company in Southglenn.

At this particular restaurant, I don’t think there is anything bad to say about it. The food tastes great, the service is good, and overall it is a great place to get lunch, dinner, or whenever you need to eat! Today, we ordered and got our food within 5 minutes, a service time. The food was great; the chicken and salad was exceptional for a place that specializes in noodles and soups. Another great part of Noodles is the fact that when you are done and leave, there is no cleanup for you, although it would be courteous to gather everything up together for the bus boys.

Long time Noodles enthusiast John T. Banks says, “Noodles is my go to place to eat when I don’t know what I want. My favorite meal is the rice crispy treat and filling up my water cup with Sprite,” about his Noodle’s experiences.

Final Grades:

Service: B+

Food Quality: A-

Friendliness: A

Overall: A-