Restaurant Review: Freddy’s


Next up for this series of restaurant reviews is Freddy’s in Highlands Ranch.

We did it. We did the impossible. We made it to Freddy’s and back to school in less than a half hour for lunch. To all the people who said we could’t do it, in your face! We almost had a bike thrown at us but it was all worth it. We left with many doubter, such as Logan Sena saying, “no way, you will be 20 minutes late” and Grace Hansen saying, “good luck with that. There’s no way.” We left and drove in a hurry and hit up the Freddy’s drive through. Three separate orders were taken and the food was received. We hustled back and got back to school with 7 minutes to spare, avoiding one accident in the right lane on Dry Creek and a man throwing a bike at us on Mineral. By far, most accomplished I have ever felt in my life so far. The service there was super fast and speedy because they could tell we were in a hurry, the food was of course great, and the people there were very understanding and friendly.

Long time burger fanatic, John T. Banks, says, “I’m very surprised you guys made it but I’m happy for you. Must be great. I’ve always loved Freddy’s. The fries are my favorite.”

Fellow friend along for the ride today, Brandon Dryer, says, “if you don’t get the kids cheeseburger meal, you aren’t real.”

Final Grades:

Service: A+

Food Quality: A

Friendliness: A+

Overall: A+