Throw Back Thursday: Arapahoe Alumni


Collette LeManske, Editor

      Welcome to the second article of the series TBT: Arapahoe Teacher’s Edition where we interview teachers who used to go to Arapahoe! Follow the Arapahoe Xtra on our journey to find stories of long lost traditions, countless changes, meaningful memories and of course exciting high school experiences from the past.

      Traditions are a large part of the Arapahoe community, and the most important part says Social studies teacher, Mr. Hawthorne: “We need to keep traditions that we’ve had. When I graduated, so in ‘94, that year they dedicated the gym and the mascot. I think that tradition needs to stick around because that’s a pretty cool connection that I think is unique to Arapahoe. I hope that sticks around.” The connection that we’ve had with the Arapahoe tribe has grown into an amazing relationships and keeping this relationship thriving is very important to Arapahoe.

      Another important characteristic unique to Arapahoe High School is arena scheduling. Hawthorne, along with most of the student body, that arena scheduling is one of Arapahoe’s best features. “I like the idea of the variable schedule and lettings students choose and pick electives,” says Hawthorne, “I think it’s very good for learning and exploring what you like to do in high school. I think having off hours is really good. It teaches you how to use your free time wisely. In college you’re going to have more free time where you have a lot more choices to make and practicing that here is really good.”

      Some traditions grow and change over the year. One seniors hold close to them is their last day: Fun in the Sun. In 1994 they did not have a special day organized for the seniors, instead only a couple minutes. “One thing that sticks out in my mind is the Senior Run. It was kind of like the Wild Warrior Women, but when would get out, I think 3rd period, our last day they would allow the seniors to run through the school and we would bang on lockers and things like that. It was pretty wild.”

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