Rock Climbing Team Gets Sendy


Aidan Price, Broadcaster and Journalist

“I’m glad that we all qualified for state and that we are having so much success for our first year as a team.” said the Rock Climbing team’s captain, Rees Labree. Branching off of the Rock Climbing Club founded by Ben Husa, Jacob Marker and Rees LaBree last year, the three were immediately hooked and created the team with the help of their teacher, Mr. Lutz. With all team members qualifying for state, the team is already setting the bar high for future climbers.

Sophomore Zach Arenburg finished third place and Senior Rees LaBree finished eighth place at the High School Regionals Climbing Competition this past Saturday. Arenburg thought he “climbed well, but could have done better.” Only finishing 90 points behind Hagen Hall (the equivalence of less than the easiest routes pointwise), Arenberg hopes to beat him at State.

Representing the girls team, both Margo Slayers and Cadance Hurt have done well this season. In addition to placing first at both the Ubergrippen and Thrillseekers competitions, both placing top 10 at Regionals (fourth and ninth respectively).

Looking forward to State this Saturday, the Arapahoe Climbing team will be fighting a uphill battle as they take on others’ teams two v. three. According to Arenberg, “I expect us to do well as teams of two, but not sure how will we stack up against full teams.” Cheer on your fellow warriors this Saturday, February 23rd at City Rock, Colorado Springs from 9am to 1pm.