Why Is School Being Cancelled?

Why Is School Being Cancelled?

Nathan Holmes, Spear Editor

Most people should know by now, but in case you don’t, there will not be school on Friday, April 27. No, it isn’t a snow day. It is a teacher walk-out, pretty much a one-day strike. Due to the lack of substitutes able to fill in the large amounts of teachers wanting to take the day off in order to protest downtown.

In general, students are very happy. We don’t have school! However, life is not all about us. Let’s think about how everyone else feels about the decision. Let’s start with parents. Parents, not liking it so much. Many parents work full time, and the cost of daycare (for young kids) is not always worth it, but parents do not always want to take the day off to deal with their kids. On the other hand, teachers were ecstatic with the decision.

Let’s think about how everyone else feels about the decision.

Superintendent Brian Ewert was put in a pretty bad situation. If he sided with the teachers (which he did), parents would be mad, and would not support the main purpose of the protests, more money for the schools. More school funding means more taxes for the hardworking parents that are not happy with the decision. If Ewert sided with the parents, teachers would lose support for him, which could lead to a loss of teachers, potentially to rival districts like Cherry Creek. If teachers quit, then the administration has to go through the long process of hiring new teachers. In the end, Ewert had a lose, lose situation.

It is important to see both sides before making a decision. Ewert needs the support of his administration and teachers in order to stay where he is,  so he decided to give everyone the day off. Do you agree with the decision, not from a students perspective, but from his perspective?