Should School Sports Have Cuts?

Nathan Holmes, Spear CEO

School sports are widely viewed as a way to enhance one’s abilities in their respective sports, but cuts sometimes stop that from happening. While cuts make sports teams appropriate sizes, it hinders many athletes from playing the sport they desire. However, cuts also allow players towards the top of the team to play more.

A great example is the 2018 Warriors Tennis Team: cuts were going to be enforced, but then taken away so that all players could play. While this allowed the players apart of the low end of the bracket to be able to play, it made it so that the players that would have already made the team play less. The coaches determined that every player will play at least 10 matches, as opposed to approximately 14 per player if the cuts were enforced.

Many people view cuts as a way to “weed out” the players that were not ready to play high school sports, and many times, bring the team down during game time situation. But at the same time, practicing and playing with the team makes these athletes better and prepares them for the upcoming season the upcoming year.

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