Seniors! Seniors!

Seniors! Seniors!

MaggieFoa, Copy Editor

I don’t know what the heck I’m doing. In the next 12 weeks I probably need to decide where I’m going to live for the next four years, help win an election for my job, full send the fall sports season, be a halfway-decent journalism editor, and keep up with my AP classes. Every senior has their own version of this to-do list.

This is the best problem in the world to have. I get to spend 100% of my time doing stuff that I can genuinely say I’m passionate about. We’re past the point where we have to take boring classes because they’re graduation requirements, I am learning stuff that matters.

We’ll see if I can carry this summer optimism come May.

At the assembly we were told to experience the experience you’re experiencing, which I’m pretty sure is code for “live in the moment” but this is a hard thing to do. I’m trying really hard to appreciate this stress because this is the stress we’ve been stressing for. We get to stress because there are a million possible paths to take and for a lot of us privilege means none of them are blocked.

I’m partially writing this because come November and December I’ll need a reminder of the incredible nature of this stress, and also because Anderson said to put content on the website.

There’s a lot I have to do, but there’s also a lot I get to do. And contrary to the new Jason Mraz song, the best of our todays may not be the worst of our tomorrows. Maybe someday I’ll reminisce about the time I was faced with an infinite amount of incredible choices.