Arapahoe Mountain Biking Sent It in their First Race


Over 550 people competed in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association’s first race of the season in Frisco on Saturday, including 18 Arapahoe students. Arapahoe placed 17th overall in it’s division, beating Heritage by just 1 place.  

Steven Truesdale finished the 12+ mile course in just 55 minutes, taking 5th place in the Freshman Boys category. Reid Krommendyk raced in the Varsity category, taking 39th in his 24 mile race. Maggie Foa took 7th in the girls Junior Varsity category. Mac Rump, Sam Tucker, Nolan Fowler, Austin Tilbury, Cooper Johnson, and Robert Agnvall also scored points for Arapahoe.

The course consists of a 6 mile loop which each division does a certain number of times: 2 for freshman, 3 for JV boys, 2 for JV girls, and 4 four varsity boys. It contains steep and rocky descents, gradual climbs, and ends with a series of switchbacks.

The team has four races throughout the regular season, and then a state championship for those who qualify. The next race is in Leadville in two weeks.