Freshies! Freshies!


Lillian Stinton, Herald Reporter

Congratulations fellow freshman, we have successfully completed the first week of high school!

Hopefully, you’ve only gotten lost once or twice; I know I definitely have. As a freshman and being involved in honors classes, the Herald staff, and (hopefully) a future athlete for Arapahoe, things actually haven’t been so bad. Some freshman may be thinking this is the worst thing that could ever happen to them, but it’s really not. I mean, do we really want to go back to middle school? I know I don’t. But coming to Arapahoe, a school with over 500 kids per grade, this is quite a big change. Big school, big sports, big futures. The world is becoming bigger and we have to start thinking about our futures. Personally, I do know what I want to do, but I can’t speak for the majority of the school. Remembering to take each day one at a time has really helped me see that high school isn’t that scary. And although the back to school dance may have been quite a shock for some students, I like to look on that as a new experience. But soon, the freshman will be sophomores, the sophomores will be juniors, and the juniors will be seniors. The incoming class of 2022 is about to start something great, and hopefully, each freshman (and even the upperclassmen) can see that too. Here’s to a new fresh start!