Tips and tricks for the Homecoming Dance: Protips

The unwritten rules of Homecoming now in print

Caleb Locke, Yearbook Staffer

My friends and I were sitting around and talking one day about some of the “unwritten rules” of the Homecoming Dance. We came up with a plethora of little tidbits of information that may not necessarily be known to everybody. I pooled everybody’s ideas and narrowed it down into 24 protips that will make your homecoming night a successful endeavor:

  1. Don’t get to the dance on time — 20 minutes late is fine, but 30 minutes late is too late.
  2. Get your date a corsage — one that matches her dress as closely as possible.
  3. If you’re a girl, feel free to take your shoes off (bring a pair of flats or something that is more comfortable). If you’re a guy, keep your shoes on! (#athletes foot).
  4. It is okay to go with a girl taller than you.
  5. Do not ditch your date to dance with someone else.
  6. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors.
  7. Don’t wear tennis shoes.
  8. Don’t wear long dresses.
  9. Unless it fits really well, don’t wear a strapless dress. Also, if it’s too short in the dressing room it will be too short during the dance.
  10. Try your best to match colors or at the very least don’t clash.
  11. Ask a girl to the dance face-to-face! Don’t text her or use any form of social media.
  12. Act like a gentleman, especially in front of the parents. And shake her dad’s hand!
  13. Stay off your phone.
  14. Even if you didn’t have a great time, post a photo to Instagram or Twitter talking about the good time you had.
  15. Don’t forget your tickets at home. Also, buy her ticket.
  16. Homecoming is not the back to school dance!
  17. Don’t put on too much cologne/ perfume! Use it, just not too much.
  18. Clean your car. Also clean off any tags left behind by the Wild Warrior Women.
  19. Be loose, but not too loose.
  20. Freshen your breath after dinner.
  21. Do your hair in a way that will maintain itself.
  22. Don’t assume somebody is who you think they are from behind; make sure you see their face before approaching.
  23. Leave with everybody you came with (unless other plans were previously arranged).
  24. If her name is a triple word score in Scrabble, don’t take her.

Protip: Don’t fire unless fired upon. Meaning don’t try to kiss her unless she makes a move first.