Sophomores! Sophomores!


Ella Cinalli, Herald Reporter

No longer a freshman I look at the school differently! Last year, I remember frantically searching for friends in the lunch room or trying to find my classes because someone telling me to go to the South hallway didn’t help in the slightest. Now I calmly walk to my class when I used to walk as quickly as possible. I don’t have to call old friends to see if they have 2nd or 1st lunch because I know I already have people to sit with. Being a sophomore has definitely changed me in ways that I thought only people joked about but I guess that’s high school. There is a lot of stuff that I still have to learn though. Like you need to remember to bring your calculator to both math and science and that walking slowly down the hallway is how most people walk. The fact that I am only 25% done with high school gives me a bittersweet feeling. On one hand I got what most people say is the “worst part of high school” over with, but on the other hand, I still have 3 school years to go. I guess in some sense it’s okay to have time because I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what I what to do or where I want to go when I graduate from high school. This is the year that as a sophomore I can relax a little more. I know where things are, who my friends are, and how to make new friends. I know that I will definitely have enough time to eat across the street and my locker is no longer in the pit so I can stop there too. I feel like that this year is our relaxation year. We don’t have to worry about the usual freshman worries and we don’t have to start looking at colleges and figuring out the after high school part of our life. I mean no I’m not an upperclassman yet but I’m no longer a freshman and isn’t that what counts!

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