Arapahoe Boys Soccer Win Against Greeley


Declan Palmer

Zander Hahn takes a free kick against Greeley Central.

Grace Cadorette, Journalist

Arapahoe Boys Soccer began the annual Warrior Invitational Tournament on Tuesday, September 4 at home on the LPS Stadium turf with a 3-0 win over Greeley Central.

Despite Greeley forcing Arapahoe out of their comfort zone with the fast pace of play, the Warriors fired back with speed and came out more aggressive than usual in order to take back control. Starting with Spencer Cobb’s strong presence in goal to Zander Hahn’s constant, yet powerful headers and Jacob Vogel’s manning of the midfield, the Warriors tore apart Greeley in minute 19 allowing freshman Caleb Ballard to take on Greeley’s goalie one v one with a simple touch and a wide open net giving the Warriors their first goal. Greeley tried to fire back in minute 6 after Garrett Lyles of Arapahoe was given a yellow card, but the shot soared over Spencer’s net which he clearly had covered.

The second half started fast, but eventually Arapahoe caught Greeley out of position due to a great ball by Zach Westerman allowing Ben Davis to cross to Adam Hangland who put the ball in the back of the net in minute 34. Greeley started to show frustration as number 5 got chippy and shoved a Warrior, but was taken off the field to cool off by means of a yellow card. To secure the win, freshman Caleb Ballard scored again ending the game with a 3-0 win over Greeley Central.

Arapahoe Boy Soccer came out with a different presence compared to previous games: faster, stronger, and better. If the boys continue to bring this attitude and work to clean up passes and fouls, ABK soccer has a bright future for their season and postseason.

The Warriors next game is at 7:30 on Wednesday, September 5 at LPS Stadium for the second round in the Warriors Invitational.