Eva Loring: Leading the Change


Eva Loring (Senior)

Olivia Janicek and Eva Loring

After recent events, the Warrior community spent last week in reflection. Unfortunately, Arapahoe students have experienced such sedate and introspective weeks before. Though, it never gets any easier to walk down the eerily familiar gray hallways. As students solemnly wafted through classes, a few Warriors felt compelled to not just support positive change, yet lead it. For Eva Loring, a senior at AHS, the change would start with a simple text message. Through Remind, a message app typically used in school, she started “Encouragement with Eva”. “Encouragement with Eva” sends out simple, encouraging text-messages to your phone each day. Yet, Eva knew it was so much more than that.

I spoke with Eva about the process.

Why did you decide to start the Remind?

“Because I just felt like our community needed it… I wanted to help people even if it was something small”

How have people responded?

“I put it on my Instagram story and now they’re are like 114 people in it. There are some people I don’t even know. Some people from Missouri. Some people have texted me and been like ‘this is so great, thank you so much'”

What do you hope the project will bring?

“I hope it just makes people’s days better. I hope they just see it and think, ‘aww, I needed to hear that today'”

Any words of advice to those who want to make a difference?

“It doesn’t have to be something huge, you know? You don’t have to find the cure for cancer. It’s the little things that can change people’s lives. Just being there for one person still makes an impact.”

What goes into the messaging process?

“Well, it can only be a certain amount of characters, like Twitter (only 140 characters), so it has to be something small. I’ve already prepared all of the messages for October. I’m also planning to hyperlink videos in some.”

Though the project focuses on the community, what’s one thing you’ve gained from the process?

“I like that people have reached out and told me how it’s helping them. I love being able to see the impact, it means a lot.”

To join “Encouragement with Eva”, text @a7ggcc to 81010