Unpopular Opinion: A Split Congress Will Unify the Nation

Nathan Holmes, Spear CEO

If you have not heard yet, the midterm elections happened yesterday, November 6. If this is new information to you, read Ashley Mowle’s article recapping the events of the day.

Yesterday displayed even more that the nation is divided, with the Democrats taking over the House, but the Republicans holding onto the Senate. This is good and bad news for the President. Trump is going to be held in check now more than before by the House, but the Senate will continue to support his policies.

Recently, either the Republicans or the Democrats controlled all of Congress. Because of this, either the president was firmly held in his place, or he was given immense freedom. Now that Congress is no longer united, politicians will have to cross party lines to get things accomplished.

When John McCain died in August, people claimed that he was one of the best politicians of his era, mainly due to his openness to help both sides. He did not stick to the Republican Party. If there was something he agreed with, he did not care who proposed it. Of course, he was still not the most popular politician, as he was beaten by Barack Obama during the 2008 Presidential Election. Even so, people claimed that Washington needed to be filled with more politicians like McCain.

Hopefully, even with our differences, we can come together as one nation.

If America wants to be prosperous, we need to learn that while we don’t all agree, we can still work together. Having a split Congress forces us to work together so that we do not diminish as a world power. The Founding Fathers of this country wanted to avoid a two-party system because they knew that it would divide us.