Xtra, Xtra: Read all about it!

Elijah Bachali, Calumet Yearbook Photo Editor

Arapahoe student journalists are practically everywhere during the school year — every sport, club, group and department comes in contact with this motley crew of reporters and photographers, and their work does not go unnoticed. The Spear broadcasting crew brings weekly sports enlightenment, the Arapahoe Herald newspaper staff reports on the monthly happenings and issues on campus, and the Calumet yearbook staff creates the annual product that documents the moments you hold onto when the school year ends. These student-created products are anticipated and appreciated because of their great quality and interest.

The beginning of the school year brings a new idea, however, to the journalism room — the next step, you could say, in quality student-produced media… daily online coverage.

“The reason we set up ArapahoeXtra is because the journalistic landscape is ever-changing and we are moving away from print and more to online work, and you have to change with the times; that’s what Xtra is — not only giving you what’s in print, but giving you the extra stuff. It’s really the next logical step,” Mike “Deejay” Carlson, 12, said.

This week marks the beginning of a new daily media product in the form of Arapahoe’s first media website; ArapahoeXtra.com.

“I think it’s good to have a daily publication because we have limited coverage in newspaper and yearbook, so it’s good to get the things that aren’t necessarily used,” Kaylee Eastridge, 12, said.

ArapahoeXtra.com is the first project produced by all three staffs working together to provide convergent coverage. Sports, photos, school events, news, and opinion all share the spotlight of the new website, giving a never-before-seen view of the happenings at Arapahoe High School.

“We have such a talented journalism staff this year; it’s only logical for us to take the next step because we know that we’re capable of putting out such a regular news source that people can depend on for their day-to-day facts around the school. We are really excited to get our hands dirty and really connect the students a bit further with everything that is going on,” Brian Heissenbuttel, 12, said.

The website will be run by a group of selected editors and members from all three staffs — the Journalism Editors Doing Internet, or J.E.D.I. Council.

“I am excited for ArapahoeXtra.com because it will allow all the talented, motivated and excited student journalists to tell the stories of Arapahoe High School; from news and current events and sports results to more creative, in-depth features and multi-media stories. It will be exciting and interesting and fun,” student media adviser Greg Anderson said.

Welcome to your media website, Arapahoe! Come take a look — you might just find something EXTRA special on the inside.