Ski Season


Grace Adamson and Sheila Stern

Protect Our Winters is a non-profit foundation that is devoted to helping with the effect of global warming on snowfall. They are working on educating the public on climate change, its effects of our winters such as through snowfall, as well as how people can get involved to help. According to their website this year they have planned out an agenda to show what they are doing to help. This year the agenda is to set an economy-wide price on carbon to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Next, they want to transition to a clean-energy economy to be investing in solar energy. And the last this on this year’s agenda is that POW is planning on utilizing innovative transit solutions to minimize emissions from the transportation sector.

Some ways that you can help POW is by buying from companies that support climate change efforts, for example, L’Oreal, Nissan and Patagonia are all taking action. Contacting your local government can also help if your members of Congress are supporting this cause, write a letter and thank them. If they are not you write a letter and tell them why you think climate change policies are important. Changing your lifestyle, even in little ways, can positively impact climate change. Doing things such as eating less red meat because the cow is very harmful to the environment, turning off the lights when you are not home and unplugging smaller machines such as lamps and blenders when they are not in use. And lastly, supporting and advertising companies like POW to help get the word out


Arapahoe Ski Statistics:

43.2% of students ski and 10.7% of students snowboard

Of those students:

  • 47% go to Copper
  • 46% go to Winter Park
  • 38% go to Breckenridge
  • 28% go to Keystone.