Avalanche Playoff Run

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The Avalanche have had a roller coaster season, to say the least. They started off strong and then were iffy towards the middle of the season, and now have finished strong to get them into the playoffs. The first round of the NHL playoffs the Avalanche played the conference-leading #1 seed, the Calgary Flames. Game one the Avs lost which was disappointing but also expected considering that this was a wild card team was playing the top seed. However, after game 1, the Avalanche pulled through to beat Calgary overall in the series (4-1). Home ice played a huge role in the victorious round 1, but the UMass prospect Cale Makar gave energy the Avalanche needed. Makar played his first NHL game when the Avs returned home for game 3, where he recorded his first career goal, resulting in a much-needed win for the Avalanche. A game 4 thriller went in favor of the Avalanche. The Avs ended up winning games 4&5 and now are facing the San Jose Sharks in round 2. Games one and three the avalanche lost but came back and won game two. We will be keeping up with the avalanche and their playoff run. GO AVS!!!

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