Arapahoe Election Day: Who Should You Vote For?

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Olivia Janicek, CEO

Summer’s approaching, and its impending landfall can bring whirlwinds of both excitement and anxiety for Arapahoe hallways. There’s the flurry of finals week (a swirling mess of scantrons and review guides and momentary breakdowns) and the typhoon of anticipation for summer break (a wild fantasy of pool days and warm weather and homework-free Sunday nights). And for seniors, there’s the massive superstorm of second semester: graduation. The idealized landmark of public education symbolizes both an ending and a beginning, and can be scary, inspiring, or both. Regardless, time pursues tomorrow, and days fade from the calendar. The school year is coming to a close, summer’s arriving, and yet, some of the school’s largest events have yet to occur.

Prom, one of the year’s largest events, occurs this Saturday. This year’s theme, “Through the Wardrobe”, inspires a sensation of fantasy and excitement. It will take place at CU South Denver’s Wildlife Experience in Parker, Colorado. Arguably a massive event, hundreds of students plan to attend. Dresses have been purchased, tuxes bought, dinner reservations made, and transportation organized. Yet how does such a huge event even come to be? Its birth is no mystery. Each year, student council undertakes the massive job of designing prom, and organizing the specifics of the event.

Marcus Morgan (11) in his campaign poster for Student Body President

On May 1st, students will vote in their Tribe classes for their class officers and their student body president. Campaigns are in full-swing for those running. The two candidates for student body president, Campbell Finch and Marcus Morgan, both juniors and soon-to-be-seniors, have crafted their campaigns in hopes of securing the highly coveted role. However, campaign triumph lays in the responsibility of the collective: the AHS student body. Since AHS functions as a democracy, only the students and their votes can place Finch or Morgan in office. So, I took a moment to contact both Finch and Morgan following their campaigns.

What are your plans for AHS, if you take office?

Marcus Morgan: Amongst my many ideas, I would like to have an anonymous climate survey processed once a month to take the pulse of the student body. A section would be included to allow for suggestions for improvements and changes that student would like to see in our school. I

Campbell Finch (11) and her poster for her Student Body President campaign

also would like to start adding community connections with the school. In particular I would like to start relationships with more non-profits. Another example is to have more food socials in the spring and fall at the end of school each day. It would be a healthy way, and a happy way to finish up a day of school. This would be beneficial for our students and also a great fundraiser as well.

Campbell Finch: Over the years I’ve been able to see so many activities grow, especially the Wish Week Carnival. Next year I hope to continue this trend and help our school become a stronger unit together. If I won, I would work to encourage higher involvement in not only student council activities, but every corner of Arapahoe. Student Body President is a role that requires listening and application. I’ve had the opportunity to work and meet with so many amazing people in the past week and years at Arapahoe, and I look forward to applying what I’ve heard into all of our future activities. If I won I would dedicate myself 100% to this role and make sure my work would reach every member of the school.

Why should people vote for you? 

Marcus Morgan: People should vote for me, because at the end of the day I want to be the microphone for the students. People sometimes forget that the student body president is supposed to represent the students, and I want to be their eyes, ears, and voice. Make the change the students want to see.

Campbell Finch: Student Council is my “go-to” activity.  I have been actively involved since my first day at the school and it is my number one priority.  I look forward to finding ways to increase student engagement in homecoming week, warrior “wish” week and combining efforts with other student organizations.

What are your goals for the student body? 

Marcus Morgan: One of my many goals throughout the year is to work for and represent the voice of the student body while working strongly with our administration.

Campbell Finch: Looking into next year I want our school to be a stronger unit together. We are a Tribe and I want everyone in Colorado to know that. I want our school to compete for the highest Wish Week fundraiser spot, have the loudest fans in the crowd, and be the best Warriors we can be. That sounds very ambitious, but by teaming up with different clubs, I think Arapahoe would be able to complete this goal. We would involve everyone, teaming up with Sources of Strength to have special finals week packages or different sports teams to have new Wish Week events.

What’s your favorite part of Arapahoe? 

Marcus Morgan: My favorite part of Arapahoe is not only the banana bread in the cafeteria, but also the great teachers, staff, and school spirit we have at our great school… GO WARRIORS!

Campbell Finch: My favorite part of Arapahoe is easily the people. I love walking into school and smiling at our security guards up front, seeing our administrators in the library and all of my friends everyday. This week I’ve had the opportunity to meet more people than I thought possible and every single person has had an amazing smile on their face upon my greeting. I’ve been to so many other school events, but nothing can beat Arapahoe’s Warrior Spirit, and thats something I hope to be able to highlight next year.

Voting will occur on May 1st in TRIBE!