The Biggest Problem(s) With The “Believe All Women” Movement

Nathan Holmes, Spear CEO

Do you remember the Brett Kavanaugh hearings? If not, here’s a quick summary. Shortly after his nomination, multiple women went public with rape allegations against him. The senate took these allegations very seriously, as anyone would, but the lack of evidence or corroboration of these women’s stories led to his nomination being successful. During the proceedings, feminists all around the nation held firm that the nation should “Believe All Women!” during rape allegations, allowing him to be presumed guilty without evidence.

There are two problems with that idea. First, our judicial system uses the idea that the defendant is “innocent until proven guilty”, and second, people lie. Take the Kavanaugh hearings as an example. Since then, almost all accusers have revealed that their stories were fabricated, including Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney admitting that her allegation was “politically motivated” by his stance on abortion (aka made up so that he wouldn’t get on the Supreme Court and change the ruling of Roe v Wade).

The biggest problem with those hearings was that these accusers receive no penalty for their lies. Kavanaugh is assumed to be a rapist by half of the country, solely because these women didn’t want him on the Supreme Court. There should be punishment for lying about allegations, which in most states, there isn’t. No person should be fully trusted to tell the truth unless if they will be punished if they lie.

Brett Kavanaugh is in the news again. Another rape allegation. This one is “supposed” to have more evidence, but as of now, no one has come forward to prove that this allegation is true. How is America supposed to believe this allegation against him when all of the other ones were proven to be fake?

Kavanaugh is not the only person affected by the “Believe All Women” movement. Numerous athletes and celebrities, including Rueben Foster, Brian Banks, Shawn Oakman, Duke’s Lacrosse Team, and many more get their lives turned upside down because different women dislike something about them, want money, fame, etc. This “Believe All Women” and “#MeToo” movement allows false rape allegations to prosper, and it must be stopped. People should be punished for fabricating rape allegations.