Opinion: Trump’s Four Years Are Up, Stop Giving Him The Spotlight

Ashleigh Huntley, Warrior Media Associate Editor

As I’m sure many other people feel, when I turn on the TV to see a Biden press briefing or the news channels going over what he’s busy doing as president so far, I feel relieved by how almost boring politics have become again. I no longer have to wake up to a president’s tweet making headlines, or watch every major news network cover the daily controversy that was brought up. It’s just regular old politics filled with long legal-sounding words and a respectful peace between those asking the questions and those answering them. 

The articles of impeachment were hand-delivered to the Senate on Monday night, beginning the process of the Senate voting to remove Donald Trump. Many conversations have been going about the legality of this happening in the first place, due to impeachment being stated in the Constitution to remove the president from office, who for a week now is not Donald Trump.

I fully understand the arguments made by people who want the Senate hearing to continue. Donald Trump incited violence, what he did was unacceptable as a world leader, and he must be punished for his actions. If removed from office, he would no longer get his pension, his $1 million a year travel expenses, or Secret Service protection. The real kicker, though, is that he would no longer be able to run again in 2024. 

Do I think Donald Trump deserves these benefits? No. Do I want to see him run in four more years? Of course not.

But if I hear his name in the news one more time, I think I might go crazy. And frankly, I think we should all just let this one go and try and move on with our current president. Because as long as Trump’s name is still hanging around, progress isn’t going to be made. 

As long as the Senate is busy trying to vote on the official removal of Trump, they will not be able to assist Biden in whatever legislature he wants to put forward, and the same democrats who want fast change from Biden are the same democrats who want to take up time in the Senate trying to get somebody who’s no longer president out of the office. 

After Georgia’s election, the democratic party now rules both the executive and legislative branches, making Biden’s attempts at making changes far easier than, for example, Obama- who was president while the Senate had a republican majority. It would be in the favor of Joe Biden and the current democratic politicians to focus on fulfilling the promises given during the campaign. 

Republican senators will not be voting towards the removal of Trump, because this ultimately will affect their careers and will not make them a popular candidate for reelection. And there is also a chance this entire thing will be ruled unconstitutional anyways, so all the time spent will be wasted.

I, too, want nothing more than to see Donald Trump get what he deserves for somehow doing so much bad in only four years’ time. However, we are in a new presidency, and we can’t even give Biden a chance if airtime on the news is still being taken up by the man who lost the election. If we want change in America, we need to give our current president as much attention and resources as possible to make it possible to see what we voted for in November.