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It is an accomplishment to be Alive


Teenagers experience a plethora of good and bad times. If you are a teen and think that you are not enough, I am here to tell you that you are because you are alive.


Mrs. Comp had some of her classes answer some get-to-know-you style questions for students to share on the first day of school. One of the questions was what is the hardest part of being a teenager?  The only thing I could think of to answer that question was everything. 


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Everyone’s life situations are different and everyone has something in their life that they are grappling with. Whether it is mental health or family problems, life is hard. No matter what anyone denotes, your struggles are valid.


We all feel pressure on ourselves if it is from society, parents, or even if you put it on yourself etc. Your grades, friends, sports performance, body, etc. do not define who you are. Your actions and words are what truly set you apart. You choose what defines you, not someone else. Build the life you want, not what you are told to create.


Social media can add to the pressure. On one hand, social media allows you to interact with your peers online but on the other hand, it promotes the idea that you have to be someone you are not. The suicide rate among young females has vastly increased since social media became intensely popular. 


High school is a time in your life to figure out who you are. You do not have your whole life figured out, your plans will change anyway, but you should be trying to figure out who you truly are. If you don’t have anything that you are passionate about or inspires you, go out and find your it thing. You have so many opportunities as a teenager, especially here at Arapahoe so take advantage of them. Being a teenager is all about trial and error, so if something doesn’t work out, aim for something different or try again. 


 Oftentimes teachers stress the importance of finding something to manage your stress, but as a student, I can also tell you it is unbelievably important. Not only will managing your stress help you perform better in various areas, but it will also allow you to enjoy things to a fuller extent. 


Nothing works universally, so you must explore different things to keep yourself in a good place mentally. When I am stressed, I go spend time outside (mostly watching the sunset) to help decompress. Nature doesn’t help everyone but humans are connected to nature so you might as well see if it helps you or not. Exercise can help as well, it is clinically proven to improve mental health. Your mind is connected to your body so you have to take care of it as well.


If you are struggling with anything, people want to help you. Go see your counselor or talk with a trusted adult if you don’t know what to do, I promise they want to see you succeed. If you don’t feel comfortable talking face-to-face with someone, there are free online resources you can use.


While yes high school is romanticized by the film industry and social media, you only get one high school experience. Everyone tells you this but at least go to one of each kind of event. Go to dances, plays, choir and orchestra concerts, and different sporting events. You may not enjoy every activity but just try it out. 


There is so much talent among our generation. There are musicians, athletes, and thinkers. It amazes me how many unique individuals there are here at Arapahoe and all over the world. Our generation truly has a bright future ahead of us.


We all live different lives and happiness comes in different forms. We have accomplished so much as individuals, a generation, and as individual graduating classes. We made it through middle school and everything before. We all have something to be proud of. 


High school is certainly not the easiest time of your life, so if you are simply surviving, you are enough.

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Caitlin Leboeuf
Caitlin Leboeuf, Reporter
Caitlin is a sophomore at Arapahoe and this is her second year as a member of The Herald. She is excited to continue to work on new content to publish this school year. Her interests consist of all things beach and summer. She enjoys going on walks and watching the sunset. She is a part of the HHS gymnastics team as well as a club team.

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