The News Has Gone Far Enough


Nathan Holmes, Author

The press has a big grudge against President Trump. I mean YUUGE (Pun definitely intended). For the next four years, they will try to find anything to impeach him. Just recently they have made their biggest reach yet. Michael Flynn, (Ex.) National Security Advisor to the President, recently resigned. This is due to him misleading Vice President Pence about his conversations with Russia, and therefore President Trump asking him to resign. He told Pence that he did not talk about the sanctions that Obama placed on Russia, but he did. We do not yet know of his motives, but how he was brought down was the media acting illegally. Some government officials recorded the conversations, and relayed them to the press. The press then started to act upon those tapes, and brought Michael Flynn down.

Even if they accomplish their goal of impeaching Trump, then they would have Mike Pence as President.

— Nathan Holmes

First of all, recording that is highly illegal (the FBI is investigating who recorded the tapes). Whoever did this was either led on by the press, or wanted to bring down the Trump administration through the press. The press is now avoiding that fact, and making accusations that the campaign and administration of Donald Trump has constant ties with Russia. Most of these accusations are very weakly backed, but most people don’t research these people to understand that.

Wall Street Journal’s Snapchat Story: The Downfall of Michael Flynn
CNN Atricle: Tracking Trump’s Promises

Articles like CNN’s “Tracking Trump’s Promises” hope to make Trump’s followers turn on him through him not fulfilling his promises. I did not see something like this for Obama! Fun fact: every president fails to fulfill all of their promises. The media that dislikes Trump (most) can stop now. Even if they accomplish their goal of impeaching Trump, then they would have Mike Pence as President. People should attempt to work with the President and make the most of his time as President, not hate him and make the next four years miserable.