NFL Rumors

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Nathan Holmes, Author

Leading up to the NFL Draft, teams are getting their rosters pretty much ready for the next season. With this, rumors have risen.

The first one is now confirmed: Tony Romo is retiring. He has broadcasting companies wanting him, and there is a growing rumor that he will work at CBS with Jim Nantz as a color commentator. The Spear was a close second (We wish). He had a great career, but do not be surprised if he leaves retirement. Many NFL players get bored of retirement, and either take another job or enter back into the NFL.

He [Tony Romo] had a great career, but do not be surprised if he leaves retirement.

— Nathan Holmes

Speaking about retirement, Marshawn Lynch is considering coming out of retirement to play with the Las Vegas Raiders. He has already visited them, and they could be entering negotiations soon.

Adrian Peterson just recently visited the Patriots, and could sign with them. If he does, Legarrette Blount’s stock would decrease by a lot. The Patriots are rumored to also trade Malcolm Butler for Richard Sherman of the Seahawks. Sherman is a great cornerback but his big mouth could make the Seahawks want to get rid of him.

The Broncos are rumored to draft another QB for the 3rd string position. Personally, drafting two have not produced much for them so I do not understand why they would ever attempt drafting one more.

That raps up the rumors (for now). Comment below about other NFL rumors you have heard of!