The Case For A Snow Day

Today, February 20th 2018, has been a bit of a struggle. My mother woke me up this morning, and to my disappointment, I learned that we did not have a snow day or even a delay. I proceeded to get out of bed slowly and eventually got ready for school. When I went to go get in my car, it wouldn’t start. I tried to open the hood, but it was frozen shut. The -2°F weather had frozen everything in the car, making it so the car would not even lock. I missed the first two classes of the day because of this predicament, and still don’t know how I will get home.

Nevertheless, my two younger siblings (Cherry Creek Academy) received today as a snow day, much to my amazement. 9News reported there to be 71 closing alerts today, some in the form of delays. In the past two years, the Littleton Public School District has had zero Snow Days, while the nearby Cherry Creek School District has had four, two per year. Having school on days like this can be very dangerous. Multiple wrecks have occurred by new student drivers, and sometimes even the expert bus drivers get into trouble.

On top of zero snow days, having a delay wouldn’t even affect us high school students. According to LPS’s home page, high schools and middle schools would start at normal time if a delay occurs, but elementary schools would start an hour late. I know, it makes zero sense. Not only do we start school earlier, but we are also the ones driving. High school students would be the ones most affected by the snow, and yet they won’t even help us in any way, shape, or form.

Today should have gone differently. There should have been a snow day, or at least a delay that would affect us, instead of a regular start. Do you agree? Vote below!