Girls Field Hockey’s Defense Shines in Loss

When and Where: At 6:00 on the 24th of September, Arapahoe Girls Field Hockey faced off against the Liberty Lancers at Littleton Public Schools Stadium.


What happened: The field hockey matchup started off with lackluster action. While both teams held their defensive ground, an offensive fire seemed to be lacking. The Warriors have yet to find such a  such a fire all season. After the slow start, Liberty controlled the game’s tempo with their aggression and drive to win, but neither team was able to put the ball in the net. In the second half, Liberty got right into their groove, scoring a goal in the first thirty seconds of the half. The Warriors had plenty of opportunities to score late in the game, but came up short resulting in teams 5th loss of the season


Player(s) of the Game: The Defense and Goalie did an exceptional job all game long. Defensemen Neave Murray, Kylee Small, and Goalie Savannah Crowder remained strong throughout the entire game. The three girls held their ground and made it extremely challenging for the Lancers to put points on the board. Look for these girls to come up big again for the Warriors on another struggling offensive night.


Did you see that?: Before the game both Arapahoe and Liberty showed off their loud and passionate team chants hoping to provide the spark they needed to secure the win.


Next Up: The Warriors next home game at Littleton Public Schools Stadium will be played at 2:30 on the 6th of October versus Kent Denver.