Concert Preview: Sleeptalk at the Moon Room (3/20)

Date: March 20, 2017

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: The Moon Room at Summit Music Hall


photo from @SLPTVLK on Twitter

On March 20, California-based band Sleeptalk will take the stage at the Moon Room located inside the Summit Music Hall. This will be one of nearly twenty shows on their spring tour with another Cali-based band, The Color Wild. Tickets are available here.

The band started in January of 2015 after lead singer Anthony Fitzpatrick and bassist Paul McGill left their previous band, Like Giants. They were joined by Jason Fitzpatrick (guitar), Justin Melchor (guitar) and Jacques Harmandjian (drums) and started writing music shortly after.


Inspired by bands like Blink 182, Sleeptalk’s lyrics evoke the “teenage angst you felt from the earlier Blink 182 records,” Anthony said. Angels and Airwaves is another huge inspiration, influencing what Anthony describes as “atmospheric sounds and spacey tones” found in the songs.


Photo from @slptvlk on Instagram.

When writing songs, the most important part is base of the song. “Normally we will come up with a guitar riff and start bouncing ideas around that. With Justin being an hour away from the band we normally record demos send them back and forth before bringing these sounds to practice,” Anthony said. Once the melody is finished, Anthony will begin on the vocals.

Sleeptalk has a prominent presence on social media, posting nearly every day on Twitter or Instagram. Anthony thinks social media is a huge part of society and people can get wrapped up in the follower counts, “but it has been such a big thing for our band. Every day we get comments or DM’s from people saying how much they love our aesthetic and to me, that means the world,” he said. Anthony runs the band accounts and creates the visuals, often forgetting he has his own accounts.


This is Sleeptalk’s first full tour, so there is a lot of excitement building up. Anthony says they are most excited to play in San Diego and Denver. The band is hoping to play the festival season next year, the “first major goal for this band,” according to Anthony.

From their growing presence, it is clear that dream will not take long to achieve. Until then, we can hope to see them play in Denver more, as well as across the country. We can expect lots of new music at the show, and some old favorites. Good luck to them on tour!

Photo from @slptvlk on Instagram.


A Quick Q & A with Anthony:

Q: Is there a city on the tour you are looking forward to the most? If so, what is it and why?

A: We are all really looking forward to San Diego and Denver CO the most. The venue we are playing at in San Diego is the venue where Blink 182 started out. We are also really excited for Denver for various reasons, some that I can’t really say!

Q: Where is your dream city to play? A dream venue?

A: I would love to play in the UK. Not really sure on a dream venue though!

Q: Who is your musical idol?

A: Tom Delonge is my musical idol. Everything he touches is like gold.