Well, It’s Happened. I’m Officially a Groupie.

My experience seeing one of my favorite bands live, and getting the chance to meet them.

Sleeptalk at the Moon Room (3/20)

Sleeptalk at the Moon Room (3/20)

Me with Anthony Fitzpatrick, vocals for Sleeptalk.

Since mid-November, I have been following California-based band Sleeptalk on social media. Their music incorporates a lot of spacey tones and is heavily influenced by bands like Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves. After several interactions with the band members through messages and tweets, I have learned a lot about them and they have quickly become one of my favorite bands. This past Monday, March 20, I was able to go see them perform at the Moon Room, located inside the Summit Music hall.


I did not really know what to expect heading to the concert: the amount of people there, whether the band was meeting fans or what other bands would be performing. When we arrived, there wasn’t a line so my friends and I decided to just wait for the doors to open while standing next to the building.


Not long after, we were greeted by Kyle Crosson, lead vocals for the supporting band, The Color Wild. With Kyle was his brother and bandmate, Jesse Crosson. They were both very nice and interested in getting to know us – something that does not happen too often when meeting bands. After a few minutes, Sleeptalk’s band members came outside for a picture, and we were able to meet them in person.

Me with Jacques Harmandijian, drummer for Sleeptalk.


Through my conversations with the band, I had been communicating with the lead singer, Anthony Fitzpatrick – who runs all of the band’s social media accounts. Drawn in by our handmade embroidered Sleeptalk shirts, they came over and greeted us. After seeing them solely online for so many months, meeting them in person was a very surreal moment. We met all of the band members, and gave them the gifts we made – Sleeptalk pins and Colorado flag key chains. They headed inside to get ready, promising us a picture later on.


After doors opened, we headed in and found a spot to hang out at for the next hour before the show would start. A few minutes later, we went over to buy shirts. The band was huddled around the table, so we stayed back a little bit. When they broke apart, they gave us each signed EPs – a “thank you” gift for coming to the show and making the shirts. I was not really expecting this, but they were all really nice and spent a lot of time talking with us, taking pictures with and of us.


The show began and through each performance, Sleeptalk was in the crowd, supporting the other sets. There were two Colorado bands that played, Implicit Whispers and Chasing Apollo. Out of all the concerts I have been to, this was the smallest crowd. It wasn’t a bad thing, it made a more intimate atmosphere and it was clear that everyone was enjoying the night.


Following The Color Wild’s energetic set, Sleeptalk began their part of the show. They played some of my personal favorites, such as “Love” and “Bones,” and a few that are due to be released later in the year.


After the show, we hung out for a little longer, getting the chance to talk with Justin Melchor, the bassist, and Brandon Wolford (Wolfy), the band’s photographer that joined them on tour. When it was finally time to start leaving, we got last-minute pictures with the band and talked for a few minutes longer. With their promise of returning in the summer, we left the show, and recounted the whole night on the ride home.


While I was not sure what to expect at the beginning, it was easily one of the best concerts I have been to. The bands were amazing and I am left with an awesome experience I will never forget.



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