Will Arapahoe Beat Heritage?


Nathan Holmes, Spear Editor

Arapahoe’s loss to Rock Canyon was rough, especially because we beat them last year. There were some upsides but plenty of downsides to our play. But will Heritage be enough to topple the Warriors?

It is tough to compare the Warriors and the Eagles, especially because the Eagles are 4A and Arapahoe is 5A. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we have tougher competition, but one could certainly consider that. Heritage is ranked number 95 in the state while Arapahoe is ranked number 100. This is a huge change from number 10 after only one loss.

Just because Arapahoe is ranked lower than Heritage doesn’t mean that we can’t beat them. From my point of view, we have a better team, and we will win. This game should prove that we are still a good team even without former QB Connor Desch. Current QB Kevin Lukasiewicz has lots of talent, and should be able to carry us to a W.

Don’t count the Warriors out, but don’t guarantee a blowout win.

The Eagles and the Warrios are both 0-1. Heritage lost to the Rampart Rams, 20-3. Rampart is ranked number 44 in the state, while the Jaguars are ranked number 56. This game could very well be a shootout or a low scoring affair. From the stats, Heritage should beat Arapahoe, but stats don’t mean anything. Don’t count the Warriors out, but don’t guarantee a blowout win. This match should be a tough one for Arapahoe, but also a crucial one.