Best Restaurants Near Arapahoe


Nathan Holmes, Spear Editor

Arapahoe High School is one of the most unique high schools in the state not only because we have an open campus, but we also have many restaurants within a walking distance. Most of these restaurants take advantage of their location by giving us discounts to boost popularity. This gives us many options at mostly cheap prices.


Best Wrap- Schwarma: Schwarma gives students a burrito and a drink for $5 which is by far the cheapest and tasty option.

Honorable Mention- Chipotle: Chipotle is an old-reliable in taste, but it costs a lot more than most students are looking to pay for.


Best Pizza- Anthony’s Pizza: Anthony’s Pizza fairly cheap, large, and very tasty. You can never go wrong ordering from them.

Honorable Mention- Blackjack’s: Most people don’t know that Blackjack’s is even near us but they give us a great deal with two slices and a soda for $6. They would be the best, but they take a lot of time to make the pizza, making it a great option only if you have an hour off.


Best Sandwich- Subway and Jimmy Johns: Both of these sandwich places are supreme and it is nearly impossible to rank one over the other. You get to be the one to choose one over the other.


Best Burger- Larkburger: As of now, Larkburger is the only legitimate burger place (Burger King doesn’t count) within walking distance near us. They do offer students a free drink with any purchase which is a great additive.

Honorable Mention- Smashburger: Smashburger is not quite near us, but students that can drive do enjoy Smashing and Dashing® at Smashburger.


Best Dessert- Yogurtland: Yogurtland is the only dessert type place near us. They also give students 10% off of their purchase.

Honorable Mention- Dairy Queen: Dairy Queen is not quite within walking distance, but is still a great option for driving students.